pexels-photo-884454.jpegAbout me:

• Saved Sinner

-I’m completely in love with Jesus, my Savior & so excited to grow my relationship with Him! 💞

• Homeschooled Teen

-Started homeschooling November 2017 at age 15

• Avid Reader

-I love reading & love hearing book suggestions so let me know if you have some!! 💞

• Lover of People

-I love meeting new people & I appreciate people reaching out to me so much! Feel free to contact me anytime! 💞

About this blog:

-I’m a new blogger so there will probably be some experimenting 😉

Here you will find:

-Encouragement concerning Christ & the Christian walk

-Lessons I’ve learned

-Honest & Real thoughts

-Random lifestyle things 😉

If you have thoughts for anything I should write about, feel free to contact me to give feedback!!

Xx, MJ💞