Welcome 2018

Hey, I’m Miriam! Welcome to my blog ☺️ This is my first post and since it’s January 4th, I thought I would do a New Years blog! Reflecting back on 2017, I realize this was a hard but very important year. This past year was definitely a big learning year for me! In 2017 I visited Puerto Rico for a week and a half. Going to P.R. to help a missionary really improved my vision as a Christian. I saw how a different culture can make your faith look a little different but the core of true Christianity is always the same. Christianity is based on faith in God in His saving grace through His power Only. It never changes. It was inspiring and life changing. I saw the rawness of Christian ministry. I saw hurting people, lost people and growing people. When I was in P.R. I stayed with Paula Van Natta, a missionary originally from my home in Wisconsin. I am so glad to have spent that time growing and serving Christ with her.

Another big change in 2017 was when my family started homeschooling. This was a huge answer to prayer. I’ve never been one to adapt well to change but God’s grace through this change in my life has been so reassuring. I’m still learning and adjusting but I have faith that following God in this decision is going to pay off.

2017 definitely taught me a lot about myself and the struggles of life, but I am so excited for 2018!! This year I’m looking forward to pursuing God and learning more about Him, continuing homeschooling, and embracing life!! ❤️

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